Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Mini Watercolor/Art Journal Travel Kit

Hi Everyone Ivett here again! I love to watercolor, sketch, or illustrate in my art journals while I’m on the go! So I always have a bag handy with a few favorite things at hand. 
I periodically post little bits of my work on Facebook or Instagram and you all have asked lots of questions! So between a bunch of some personal messages, emails, etc. asking what my travel art kit/bag looks like. 
So I decided to a video together for you all in response to that!
I also made a small project for those of you who asked on how you can start Art Journaling and watercoloring inexpensively! 
In my opinion recycling and upcycling in the craft-room is key! So make sure to watch the tutorial and see how you can probably make your own adorable watercolor palette for next to nothing, nada, free!  

As always I hope that this inspires you!


Sharon said...

Loved this Idea Ivett! Superb

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