Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fabulous Find {Cooper Moon Apothecary}

Hi Everyone it’s Ivett here again and snaps-a-doodles am I excited to share this awesome find! I made my way to the Campbell Farmers Market and was impressed by all of the vendor’s, colors, smells, and amazing finds!
If I didn’t care so much about all of you I could have easily kept this one to myself lol!  
Handmade soap! Yep soap!!! I’m letting you into one of my secret pleasures… I just adore a good bar of handcrafted soap. You know that one soap you can immediately tell just by the feel and smell of it that it will nourish your skin and delight your senses!

I found just that last weekend! I know I’m teasing you by not revealing that name yet but, I think that it’s important for you to know that these absolutely spectacular creations are being made right in my own backyard sort-to-speak!
I met the Katy the owner of Cooper Moon Apothecary and she explained her process to me-aren’t I lucky? I was able to sample one of her fabulous scrubs. 

OMG was that delightful!!! 

The smell and the luxurious feeling during and after were amazing. I just love the idea that all of the ingredients are natural and soothing to the skin.

I am definitely going back for more this Sunday!

Kelly shared with me that all of her herbs are grown on her farm and her handcrafted bar soaps are made using nourishing butters and oils, and pure organic botanicals.
Seriously what a delightful treat! If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you must come by and check her out and if not you are not at a loss you can order these fabulous soaps, creams, salves & balms online here
Disclosure! Oh my I sound so serious lol!!!
I in no way am getting any product or paid for this small review. I just like to share really GOOD natural products when I find them especially when it’s handcrafted and a local artist-vendor! =)

Btw before I forget go and give Katy some love on her Facebook page 

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