Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sharing My Love of Copic Markers!

I was originally introduced to Copic marker by my Dad who is an Architect. These tools are usually used by Architects to draw up there designs. They are also popular among the hobby industry for use with models, ceramics and similar projects. I am in love with them and I have almost every color. The ink in the marker is almost odor free too.

Most people stay away from purchasing these outstanding markers because they are pricy but these marvelous markers are refillable YES you can refill these! I do have to mention that I have had a set for years and I have yet to refill it! So it’s an investment that you won’t regret.

It’s not unusual for me to have a set lying around my house at any given time. I usually keep a set of about 184 markers in my art studio or as my children call it “mom’s layer” lol. I also keep a bunch of them in my home office as well. I just can’t get enough! They are super easy to blend and work with.

OH and did I mention that my favorite markers can easily become an airbrush. Copic markers and Sketch markers both work with an airbrush System. That will be my next investment! Ok so isn’t this the coolest thing? I think so just look around my blog and you’ll find a bunch of my creations with these great markers. Go ahead try them out and tell me what you think…


Jude said...

Thank you Ivett, you done a great job. Love all the colours, where do you purchase them from?
Your kit is beautiful, will show you when I get round to starting on it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and idea's.
Arohanui X :-)

Marie said...

You are Copic Certified?! I would LOVE to get certified. I agree with you on sets. All of my markers came in sets and it's just the easy way to buy. I got into it because of Animation. It's great to know you are into Copics! I am eyeballing the aribrush system too. Hugs, Marie.