Friday, May 28, 2010

Affirmation Mini Book Junk Mini

Just remember that our heart carries a message of inspiration. We sometimes tend to smother all of our creativity and inspiration with our mundane routines. So My Junk mini's are intended to remind me of what really matters to me and that God is in everything I do. My Affirmations empowers me and affirms to me to love what I do, do what I love, shine like a star and fulfill my souls highest destiny at all times.
~Ivett Carrillo
Hope this inspires you to create one


peata said...

cute mini.

TheLastOfNine said...

Ivett, love the idea of your junk mini. It is all so true, we make projects and always have left over supplies and we can easily forget the important things in life.

Thanks for the inspiration, I am your follower now.