Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bottle Swap

I joined a bottle swap hosted by Yolie Pasillas she is Yoliebean on YouTube. Basically all we needed to do is fill a 16oz bottle or larger with scrapbooking items. All of the participants filled out a questionnaire letting each other know what are likes were and then fill the bottles up accordingly. FUN huh? Well let me tell ya I dropped mine off at the post office today and I literally had 4 people ask me what I was doing and how I put the goodies inside. One man looked at me funny-I think he thought I was crazy but, that made it all funnier. Here is mine:


Kylie said...

WOW Ivett, your bottle looks AWESOME, it's so full of yummy supplies!
The recipient is going to love it!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Allyson said...

Yes, I loved it !!! Thanks again so much. The paper was beautiful ! I tried a one PO to mail yours but it was a small PO in the country and she was not sure about mailing it so I had to carry it to the main PO. Sorry, but I did add more time because I was not sure after talking to the first PO.You should be getting on Monday. Thanks again so much....everything was beautiful :)