Saturday, January 3, 2015

Plum Paper Designs Planner Unboxing First Impression & Review

Hi Everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Stopping by to wish you the best in the New Year and share an unboxing with you.

I decided to buy a new planner for 2015. I did lots of searching for one either paper or electronic, that met my needs and finally settled on a planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy. There are several different layouts you can choose from and I felt the family planner was the best for me. I also added additional notes pages, checklists, and sticker sheets to my planner.
I have many things that will be taking place in 2015 and I feel that this planner will help me stay organized and on task.

This particular planner will have a permanent home on my desk for the year and I can already tell that it will do its job =)
This little workhorse has lots and lots options. There is a plethora of different designs to choose from for the cover along with many different layouts. They even have specialty type planners for teachers, students, wedding, meals, and fitness. Another plus are all the add-ons! You can add notes and checklists pages either to the end or throughout the planner. You can add sticker pages, photos, and additional contact pages too. Whatever you need to make the planner work best for you. For me the biggest selling point for this planner over some other similar ones on the market is the fact that you can order it any time of year and to start any month that works best for you. You can also add 6 months to you planner if you need that as well. Also it feel like it will be durable. There is a plastic cover, heavy duty spiral binding, and heavy weight paper throughout the planner. They also carry coordinating note books and I am seriously thinking of ordering a couple of those.

I am honestly pleased with my planner and will be posting updates on it once I have filled the pages with my life events!

I have ordered some other planners as well that I will be making reviews and unboxings on later this month so stay tuned for those!

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